Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Duncan Snyder: Proposal

So for our final project I am going to return to my very first ever D4M idea, using my animal kid characters here, if you recall. (with the addition if a few quick sketches)

I plan on taking these characters and branching off of them.  Basically by creating much of the kind of artwork you might find in an "Art of..." book. This will include character concepts/costumes, backgrounds, basic plot details and hopefully a full animatic of a scene or intro by the end of it.

The basic story is about children who go to schools taught by animals, who learn basic survival skills, knowledge and ways to help the Earth.  There are different classes based on personality (much like Harry Potter) and the children wear special uniforms to represent their class/status as well as aid them in the wild.

Here are a few more character concepts for some professors.  I haven't completely decided of I want them to wear clothes or not...

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