Friday, March 16, 2012

The Random Times...

Yep, so ever since the last project started, I have become addicted to drawing characters with no outlines. It's kind of tricky but the outcome is so cute!  Here's some bits and pieces of a few things I have done lately (the newest stuff being the outline-less stuff)

I draw lots of cuddling...

Anyway, I saw The Lorax and LOVED IT! Unfortunately with midterms I haven't had time to draw anything fantastic based on it yet, but here's a quick pic! With pinchy cheeks!

And I'll end on a sad note. His name is Prof. Squigglesworth and he wants you to take him home. :(

That's all! Byeee~


  1. I spy with mine eye, an adorable Fluttershy. :3

  2. Have you figured out how to use illustrator yet? BECAUSE I CAN TOTES HELP WITH THAT. It is great for no lines.

  3. These look really cool. I love the Lorax one. The facial expressions are really funny. :)