Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Duncan Snyder: Week 5

For this week I have cleaned up my thumbnails into figures that I will use for my animatic in Storyboard Pro, all I need is some shading and the backgrounds.

I also experimented a bit more with more interesting color techniques. Much less drastic than last week's.  I really like how the crocodile came out, Aves not so much (and yes, she is supposed to be dark-skinned).

I've also decided that the classes will be outdoors.
And I've finally come up with names for the professors.
Bearcat- Robert Musial
Owl- Alfred Steinbeck
Crocodile- James Irwin 

Next week I plan to have the storyboards completely shaded with backgrounds and ready to go into Storyboard Pro.  I will also continue to experiment with colors on the characters and possibly get a classroom finalized.

For the final week, I will have my animatic done and a nice lineup of characters, fully colored.

And for fun, here's a few quick pen sketches I did~


  1. You are so ambitious. I LOVE IT.
    Be careful with this new coloring technique, your colors are looking kind of muddy. I just think you need focus more on palate than local color.

    Think about the color palate of this world, and then yes the alligator would be "green" but he would be green relative to the other colors around him.

    thats all. keep going!

  2. I really enjoy how you have clean line work and the way you color, I agree with monica about the muddy part. but I wish I could have clean lines, guess thats something to work on for me.

    your are doing awsome and cant wait to see you work your magic in storyboard.