Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Animation and TBMD Times

This is what I've done in Time Based Media Design so far.  They don't make much sense if you don't know the assignment criteria but at least they're cute.  My first one is meh, my second one is a bit better and the one I'm working on now is going to be righteous!  I can't wait until it's done!  I do need to put more time into this class though, you can kind of tell that I rush through the drawings... oh well.

For this one she gave us a scenario and we had to work out the details.  Done in Prismacolor markers that breathed their last breath as I was using them.  Tear...

And this was an opening for a TV show I completely ripped off of Neil Gaiman made up.

Also animation!  This was my character I used for my first real animation.  I named him Ransak and he is terrifying.

And Noodle from Gorillaz was my lovely model for my walk cycle.

I'm sure I have more to show than these but for now this will suffice.

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