Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Birthday Times

My little brother's birthday is on Halloween and right now he's finishing up his football season.  He's a pretty cool kid... but my dog is cooler as you can see.

Once again, done in markers because I still haven't replaced my stylus.  Hope he likes it since I have no moneys for real presents!

Since I'm posting this, I may as well post past-sibling gifties!

Here's my other little brother who actually said "Hey, you should draw a picture of me."  and since I forgot his birthday I drew this as fast as I possibly could.  He still looks pretty rad even with a miniature poodle while wearing a pink shirt (which he does frequently).

And my sister with her terrible adorable dogs.  (I LIKE DOGS, OKAY!?) This one's extra old, btw.

Can't wait until Halloween!!!

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