Friday, October 21, 2011

The YGG Human Times

Who am I writing this for?  

Midterm weeks are officially over so I thought I'd reward my rad accomplishments with some well-deserved drawing fun.  Unfortunately, my dog ruined another stylus of mine (chewed at both ends, I can't even look at it it pains my heart-guts so much) so for the time-being I'm stuck with a very limited amount of markers.   Despite that and the many inconsistencies among these dudes, I like them overall.  I really like humanizing non-human characters, it's great for character development (and Yo Gabba Gabba is the bomb).  Fun fun!

Brobee: ...just hopeless.

Foofa: She's adorable but I had the OPPOSITE of what her outline color should be and I had to go over it about 3 times to make it dark enough.

 Muno:  Razzle dazzle!

 Plex:  I was sad.  Plex is my favorite and the same thing that happened to Foofa happened with this one.  Causing me MANY problems when editing.  Cuuursessss...

 Toodee:  Strangely she looks... just like me (maybe a little more fit).

I think I'll post school work some time later, though I don't have much to show.  I'm taking mostly Liberal Arts courses this year so, unless someone wants to read philosophy or look at an anatomy test you might be out of luck.

When I get some readers, I will thank you for reading.  Actually, I'll thank you right now!  THANKS, READERS.


  1. I love Brobeeeee <3 :D
    Also, Toodee DOES look like you D: Like a LOT!! Lol. Without the "more fit" part -_- You're far from "unfit" XD

  2. Why, thank you! :) And Brobee loves you tooooo~ (more than balloons)!