Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Ron Saks: Proposal

My idea is to make an animatic for a 3-5 minute music video!  I love music and while I listen I love to think about how music videos for certain songs would go. :)

I would need about 6 people for this, 2-3 artists to do storyboards/cleanup work, perhaps someone to add some color or shading and 1-2 people to work in either AfterEffects or Storyboard Pro (preferably Storyboard Pro as I know that much better but if someone knows a lot about AfterEffects I'm willing to learn)!

I love all kinds of music and haven't settled on a song, I figure we can do that as a group.  Anything from something as mainstream as Lady Gaga or LMFAO to lesser known like The Kooks or Library Voices.  I love it all, really!

The best songs to use would probably be ones that are a little more obscure and can be interpreted in many ways.  I prefer cartoony/comedic concepts but we can discuss the plot of the video after we settle on a song.

Here's some quick sketches of some silly ideas that can obviously use some expanding on.
But it's always subject to change!

And of course, here's an example of what I'm thinking by one of my favorites ever. Gorillaz!

and here's an example of one I did myself last year, much more serious than what I plan on doing for this project and in a very experimental style (that I don't plan on using again anytime soon) but you get the idea.

That's all! Fun times!


  1. Really awesome Ideas! I really love your ideas, I would definitely have chose yours if I wasn't looking for something photography- wise. Haha, good luck. It'll be interesting to see how different people interpret one song.