Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Red Riding Hood Times

Group project! And I've been assigned character development! The fun fun times for me!

So as a group we sort of decided on a more stylized look than realistic, which is neat because I need to do that more often anyway.

The story is a fun twist on Little Red Riding Hood and here's just a few ideas of what they can look like.

The wolf puppy: Which *spoiler alert* turns out to be evil wolf puppy!

And a few woodland critters: Thanks to a friend, the squirrel's name is Cindy-bun by the way.

and some more development sketches.


  1. I still love the evil dog :D
    My biggest concern at this point is the tail of the squirrel. It doesn't really look like it is attached...maybe if it were the same color as the squirrel's belly that would help?

    talk to you about it more in person, but yes. good start. keep doin what your doin :P

    See you at 8.30

  2. the crow is awsome he looks so grumpy, I can see him just looking at red and having a screen shot up close to his face and just saying " WOW" lol. The sketch of the squirl with the bullet in it, is awsome I think you should use this guy. you do awsome with Characters.