Wednesday, February 8, 2012

D4M Update

So I've finally settled on the band idea but I'll probably end up coming back to the other in a later project.  Here's some examples of my renditions of that band members with this picture that I honestly found AFTER I drew the caricatures.  Pretty close, maybe?

So here are a few random things I have thrown together while brainstorming.  A few compositions and Andrew and Ben as doggies...

I think a lot of my first compositions were more focused on fancy backgrounds which is good for me (I've never been one to think too much about those) but bad for the project since is supposed to be character-based.  Here are the ones I thought had the best design but all may not be appropriate for the project.  The design that gets chosen will obviously influence the characters' design complexity as well as the color scheme.

So in case anyone doesn't know, MGMT is basically a band from the future playing music of the 70's... or is it the other way around?  Either way, the colors used on the final product will be very reminiscent of a 70's style.  Here's a few examples I made.

That's all for now! I feel like it will come together really fast once I get my composition down.

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  1. i lovee the curly haired one. I would also experiment with a simpler palette check out my friend isuri's blog: